The “Communication Revolution”

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Uncategorized


We’ve heard the old phrase: “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”; but today it’s become; “hear nothing, see nothing, speak nothing”.

We are currently living in what I’ll sarcastically call the: “communication revolution”. What a joke! It is a time in which the means to communicate have exponentially advanced, but actual communication has diminished. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, instagram and Pinterest dominate the internet. Cell-phones are common and in the hands of just about every person young or old all over the globe.

We have texting, group texting, email, voicemail, Google hangouts, periscope, face time and more. Tablets and cell-phones like iPads, Galaxy and iPhone are abundant in all shapes, colors and sizes. Video game consoles like x-box and sony play station have literally replaced encyclopedias. There’s an “app” (or software application that can be downloaded onto your device) for just about anything and everything, and therein lies one of society’s foremost tragedy.

Wireless services are freely provided in cafes, business, libraries, hospitals, schools, homes” even access to remote “hot spots” are available just about on any street corner. Thus is all in an attempt to keep us all “connected”. Again, what a joke! I believe we are the most disconnected and unplugged generation that has existed.

Daily, millions and millions of social media posts, searches and traffic flood the internet. Many because of pornography get pulled under by it’s seductive undertow and drowned by it’s dark current. There is no end in sight, no rest, no expiring for the “communication revolution” and definitely no sign of it slowing down–save a mass global power outage. Yet it is my belief, that in this technologically advance age that we live in, communication has gravely aged, grown weak, sickly and is waiting in an ICU bed to breath it’s last breath.

The brightness of cell-phones and other screens  have replaced the light and glimmer of hope and excitement in our eyes and faces. These same warm blue glows now warm the marriage bed at night, instead of the flame and embers of love and intimacy. Married couples lay together in the same bed, but are really strangers and foreigners sleeping alone. Never has a generation been so far away from what God’s intent for what human relations and interactions have always been.

No longer do husbands and wives lovingly gaze intently and lovingly into each other’s eyes, rather they intently gaze into some bright screen instead. Why speak to one another in an effort to explore, journey and discover more of each other when you can explore, journey and discover the world of Netflix instead? Romance, drama, action and comedy have literally become movie genres, instead of life’s “one-flesh” experience, joy, adventure and journey.

The “communication revolution”? What a deceotion! Absolutely no meaningful communication, besides a few weak grunts are going on. Children of all ages are consumed by their cell-phone or hand held device. I mean you could probably drop dead right in front of them and they wouldn’t blink or look up for fear they wouldn’t “level up” or that they’ll lose valuable points in their precious game. Priorities are putting the most important things first right? Aren’t we glad they’ve got “first things first”? Of course, I’m being sarcastic. I’ve had young people busy my home, age the only words they’ve communicated to me are: “Can I please get your Wi-Fi password”?

Seems to me that virtual reality has replaced reality…virtually. It is rare to see parents interacting with their children, unless it’s through some sort of a “text message” like, ” Hey I’m thirsty, can you get me a cup of water”? I remember the loud sound of kids playing outside in the streets when I was growing up, I was one of them. The streets wee teeming with life! Today there is dead silence. The streets and parks have become barren waste-lands and cemeteries because children are like zombies glued to video games. They’re simply uninterested in any activity outdoors because they’re mesmerized by the screen’s light inside. Their minds, imagination and hearts have been captured and are being held captive. They’re being led like lambs to the slaughter.

I mean have you tried speaking to today’s youth? They won’t look at you because they’re completely fixed on their cell-phone. I was taught to look into a person’s eyes when you speak to them as a sign of respect and recognition of human worth and dignity. But now, a half-hearted and bothered glimpse is what I get. Some do look at you, even for just a moment; but it’s to apathetically give a blank stare and shrug of the shoulders. We’ve become cold, lazy and distant. Having a caring heart, I mean a heart that really takes the time to listen to the cares of another’s heart is virtually non-existent. Well, I understand, that would take far too much time away from our “statis update” posts or latest selfie upload wouldn’t it?

Personally in all my years, I have never felt so lonely, abandoned, disconnected and abandoned by people. I am angry and disturbed that people have chosen the noise, button pushing and heat of exhaust fans and technology over human communication, touch and warmth. Are we really so uninteresting? Are we not worth the time, energy and effort it takes to engage with one another? How can we so easily ignore one another’s presence, mind, soul and spirit; while giving all of our undivided attention to plastic parts and wires? Why won’t we look at other? How can we be so transfixed on a screen and be so blinded to one another’s needs? How can we easily forgot and discard others as unimportant? Why do we live together in the same house, but really feel alone? Each person isolates themself in a room of their choice or some corner, they get lost in virtual reality and forget that there are other humans that exist. What a tragedy! What a heart wrenching tragedy!

You may be to blind to see it, but there are people in your own family who are deeply lonely and angry right now. There’s a husband, wife, father, mother or child that is desperately suffering, thirsty and hungry for human communication, interaction, touch and attention. We’re emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually starving one another to death; while over-feeding our apathy apathy and selfishness.

I say enough is enough! Enough already with being physically present but emotionally and mentally absent. Husband’s and wife’s are suffering all over the world because we rather hold our device tightly in our hand instead of holding them tightly in our arms at night. Children are hurting because they’re competing and fighting for your attention. They desire for you to invest your time with them, but you continue to choose to ignore them and rather spend your time surfing the web. Many feel betrayed because they’re no longer the object or center of your affection. Instead, a cell-phone or video game has been given your affection. Many are disoriented because they’ve been replaced by a device when you promised them that you’d always be there with and for them. Others feel devastated and devalued, unimoorrant and expendable because the only thing you value as important and indispensable is your prized iPhone or x-box.

It’s a darn shame you know, we’ve been created to explore and discover the untold inexhaustible riches and treasures of one another’s life, but we’ve chosen to settle for the crumbs and leftovers of cell-phones, screens, social media and video games. One day you and I will be gone. I wonder, what our legacy will be? How will we be remembered by putter loved ones and others? Will we be overcome with regrets for all those people we time and tune again ignored and neglected, because we never took and made the time to know and love them?

Do we, will we, should we, could we dare to risk missing out on the greatest God-given opportunity of a lifetime that He’s given to each of us; namely to get to know and love one another during the most briefest of moments allowed to us called: “life”?

Remember, we only get one shot at this; there are no rewinds or do overs. Let’s live a life that will one day end without any regrets. Don’t waste another second, time waits for no one. Begin living now! Let’s invest ourselves in one another’s life instead of lifeless devices.


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